Rockheights Infra is promoted by a Young & Vibrant Team, which ensures consistent business growth and prospering progress with successful development in the field of Infrastructure over the years to come. It has developed and initiated Policies, Procedures & Practices to transform its Vision & Mission into actuality.

Rockheights Infra is Translating Vision and Imbibing Passion into the Philosophy of Excellence with a clear intent of becoming the most sought after Construction Company. Strategically located in Vijayawada gives Rockheights Infra the ability to execute projects in any region

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Rockheights Infra is an Integrated Construction & Infrastructure Development company based in Vijayawada, the Pseudo capital of Andhra Pradesh. It commenced operations to deliver a range of Construction & Infrastructure Projects in various sectors which includes residential, commercial and infrastructure oriented

Rockheights Infra is ready to respond to opportunities, assess challenges and develop solutions. Our competency in handling and executing the Civil & Infrastructure projects helps us to uphold our commitment to do business with excellence.


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Vision & Mission

Rockheights Infra made Sustainable Development its mission to enable Smarter, Environmentally and Socially responsible structures for generations to come. By continually improving on its versatile capabilities in Construction & Infrastructure Development, Rockheights Infra is getting ready to spread its footprint in this sector.

Rockheights Infra is poised to grow exponentially with collaborations that transcend geographical and cultural boundaries. We shall stick to our Ethical, Transparent and Value-added business practices for long term relationships and to be recognized as one of the most preferred and capable infrastructure company.


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Our office is backed by Efficient Technical and Administrative support, formalized management, project management resources and all the facilities necessary for effective functioning. The synergy of all this support goes into making Rockheights Infra responsive and well positioned to meet customer requirements in real time.

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